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The art of writing is to put thoughts into word and create harmonious flowing texts. This is my job, my craft, my passion and love for the written word.

 Here I like to show you my achievements as a freelance writer and author and start with showing you excerpts from my books, so you can get to know my style of writing.




Isabell went back into the kitchen, like walking on glass, entering the crime scene, the venue, a room she will never be able to linger in peace again. You want to move out anyway, this will be the next step of your new found freedom. It's time, the clock is ticking relentlessly. Isabell spread out a blanket next to HIM. Now she hast to put the corpse, she assumed HE was dead, on the blanket. She grabbed one of HIS arms hesitantly and tried to pull HIM. This is gonna be difficult, she thought and kept pulling. The body actually moved, if only a tiny bit. Well, try something else then. Maybe grab the body by the armpits and drag it on the blanket. Isabell had to muster all her courage grabbed her deceased husband under the shoulders. At least HE only wore a t-shirt, which made the task easier. She pulled the corpse, slowly and with great effort, onto the pink blanket, bit by bit. It was a gradual task, because Isabell had to take a rest every once in a while. The body was just too heavy. But it had to be done and soon.



Das ist KEIN Diätbuch – a guide for a healthy diet

I bet you have already tried dieting once. How did you fare? You lost some weight probably, but: Afterward you gained back most of those pounds, unlike promised by those miracle diets, that were propagated by some women’s magazine as the next best thing on the market. It's phenomenal – in spring their sales go up, every year. But why? Because every time there is at least one new diet. And this one is the ultimate one, that definitely works this time. You shed pounds, You are lithe and lissom. Forever? No! It's not the diet's fault tho – the problem is falling back into old eating habits, because you had to deny many tasty treats for those diet programs. Psychologically understandable, but the wrong thing for that goal. Dieting is only effective, if you also keep a “reduced” diet plan, after your weight loss. If possible for years to come.


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Author, Writer & Subeditor from Carinthia